RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray is used to clean and care for the plastic components in vehicle interiors, for installing plastic components and for stiff seatbelts.

RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray dissolves dirt and attracts fine particles of dust. It is necessary to polish the surfaces after use in order to mechanically remove deposits from the surfaces and to distribute the product.

RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray creates a lubricating and caring film which is non-greasy, does not stain, is fully synthetic and leaves surfaces gleaming, offering treated surfaces protection against UV rays and oxidative ageing caused by intense sunlight (e.g. it protects against crack formation, drying out and bleaching). The treated surfaces will remain dust free for longer.

RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray will get rid of creaking and squeaking noises coming from plastics and switches. It also prevents door seals from freezing.

RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray is silicone-free and uses environmentally-friendly propellant.


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