Environmental Policy

The protection of the environment is the second major component of our corporate mission. By creating and sustaining a safe, health-orientated and performance-driven working environment, and operating a proactive environmental protection policy, we can contribute to the continuance and success of our company. Our engagement in this regard is regularly affirmed by the Technical Inspection Authority, issued in the form of a certificate in line with DIN EN ISO 14001:2009. The following basic principles therefore apply:

Efficient environmental management

Our environmental management system is constantly being improved. We regularly examine the implementation of its guidelines and the success of our management system – in all areas.

Safe and employee-friendly workstations

We are convinced that all work-related accidents and workplace illnesses are, in fact, avoidable. Motivated employees and supervisors support us in our mission towards the elimination of work-related accidents. We consider the protection of our employees and contractors to be of equal importance. The design of our workstations and operational procedures reflect the latest levels of understanding. We attribute a high degree of importance to the ergonomic design of our workstations.

Reliable conduct

We are devoted to adhering to all laws and requirements on the subject of workplace and environmental protection. We act responsibly towards our own rules, which often go above and beyond the legal stipulations. We plan, buy, operate and maintain our machines and pieces of equipment in such a manner that all possible dangers can be excluded, risks can be minimised and disruptions in operation can be avoided. We are constantly seeking the latest updates in technology.

Low environmental impact and eco-friendly products

In all our activities, we aim to use foresight to avoid damaging effects on the environment. We always use raw materials and energy sparingly. We strive to produce as little waste material, waste water, noise and other emissions wherever it is possible. With the life cycle in mind, all the products we manufacture are eco-friendly.

Responsible-minded employees

By imparting regular information, instruction and advanced training, we are able to further the skills and awareness of our employees and business partners in the interest of safe working procedures and environmental protection in all sectors of the company. The company is actively developing CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) even further, which has already been introduced and works by rewarding suggestions for improvement, through its cooperation with workers and staff members, and as a consequence the image of the company at the same time.

Preventative measures

We protect our employees from health-related disturbances and our environment from damage by implementing wide-ranging preventative measures. We therefore guarantee a comprehensive and effective emergency care provision against injuries for all our employees and visitors. In doing so, we uphold our responsibility towards our employees, our fellow men, and towards the generations of the future.