Research & Development

We are renowned as one of the most technically innovative companies in our industry, and the high quality and optimal composition of our products are the basis of our success. In particular, the special formulations and the unique design and manufacturing processes that are individually tailored to suit our customer needs, make RAVENOL products increasingly in demand worldwide.
Extensive investment in our own laboratories, ongoing training of our employees, who work closely with engine manufacturers, and not least the research and development partnerships we have in world motorsport, give us this enviable reputation for innovation and technical excellence.

One demonstration of this capability is the development by the Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH of a special formulation for full synthetic oils based on esters. This system is offered under the brand name “CleanSynto” and offers exceptional protection to critical parts of the engine from premature wear.

Packaging Innovation

Our constant customer focus has led us to optimise the packaging to make handling for the user as easy and safe as possible.
The 4L and 5L packs now feature a grip on the bottom and a rough surface on the neck to improve control in use, and the pull-out spout provides much easier and more accurate pouring. To ensure protection from international plagiarism, RAVENOL has incorporated a number of safety factors in the pack: original seal, hologram and a “black light marking” on the label, similar to that used to ensure the security of international currency.