RAVENOL Auto Polish car polish is a high-gloss finish for car, boat and caravan with special additives. The use of natural carnauba wax provides super long-term protection and UV protection.

RAVENOL Auto Polish car polish is suitable for all types of vehicle paintwork as well as for chrome, rim and window cleaning (not windscreen).

RAVENOL Auto Polish car polish removes tar, bird dirt, tree resin, insect stains and rust, gives matte varnishes a high gloss finish.

RAVENOL Auto Polish car polish protects the paint and is used in synthetic resin, acrylic and metallic paints. Also employable in fiberglass, chromium, stainless steel, glass, mirror glass, silver, brass, aluminum, PVC window frames, doors, cooking and refrigeration equipment and summarizes all polished smooth surfaces.

RAVENOL Auto Polish car polish is easy and effortless to use.

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