RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike SAE 15W-50 is a fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil that was specially developed for racing use with USVO® & CleanSynto® technology.

It is designed 100% on a PAO and ester basis and can therefore also be classified as “fully synthetic” according to German law. Thanks to a special formulation based on the new RAVENOL racing technology, we achieve a perfect combination for the engine, transmission and clutch. The excellent properties of the fully synthetic PAO base oils and esters ensure maximum performance and reliable protection against wear.

With RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike SAE 15W-50, a motorcycle oil was developed that can be used both in racing and in normal road use.

The excellent cold start behavior ensures optimal lubrication reliability in the cold running phase. With significant fuel savings, RAVENOL Racing 4-T Motobike SAE 15W-50 helps protect the environment by reducing emissions.

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