RAVENOL HVS High Viscosity Synto Oil SAE 10W-60 is particularly recommended for high mileage vehicles from approx. 100,000 km. It is equally suitable for both petrol and diesel engines with or without a turbocharger and direct fuel injection. 

RAVENOL HVS High Viscosity Synto Oil SAE 10W-60 is a newly developed synthetic motor oil with a unique formula, specially designed for high mileage vehicles.

Thanks to the additives in our RAVENOL HVS High Viscosity Synto Oil SAE 10W-60, which offer exceptional cleaning and maintenance for your engine, critical engine components are restored and seals are given extra protection. This means that the service life of vehicles can be extended, particularly in older, higher mileage vehicles.

RAVENOL HVS High Viscosity Synto Oil SAE 10W-60 has excellent lubricating film adhesion and high shear stability. Its engine-maintaining additives help to reduce oil consumption, offering protection against both sludge formation and wear and tear.

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