We are delighted to be able to introduce a new RAVENOL product to you today which can be ordered with immediate effect:

RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid    Art.No. 1211146

Below you will find an overview of all the available container sizes:

Container sizes: Article numberPU
1 L 1211146-001 20 x 1 L can
4 L 1211146-004  4 x 4 L can
10 L 1211146-010  1 x 10 L canister
20 L 1211146-B20  1 x 20 L bag in box
20 L 1211146-020  1 x 20 L canister
60 L 1211146-D60  1 x 60 L design barrel
60 L 1211146-060  1 x 60 L barrel
208 L 1211146-D28  1 x 208 L design barrel
208 L 1211146-208  1 x 208 L barrel

RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid is a fully synthetic ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), designed on the basis of high quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) and Esters with a special additive and inhibition, which ensure a perfect function of the automatic transmission.

RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid is an ATF for the latest generation of Aisin Warner automatic transmissions. It guarantees a high wear protection in all operating conditions. RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid has red colour.

Information on the effect of RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid:

Reducing loss torque in automatic transmissions (ATs) is a key factor in improving fuel economy. A promising approach is to reduce the viscosity of the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) to minimize churning loss. RAVENOL has developed an ultra-low viscosity ATF, called “T-ULV”, which has approximately 50% lower kinematic viscosity at 40 °C compared to the conventional low viscosity ATFs. It is generally understood that if the viscosity of an ATF is too low, it can have a negative impact on the fatigue life of components such as gears and bearings, and possibly lead to increased wear or seizure.

RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid was designed to solve these problems via the application of two key technologies. The first is a high performance PAO (Polyalphaolefin) with a low traction coefficient, which translates to low viscosity under high pressure conditions. This decreases the shear resistance between sliding surfaces under elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) conditions, which contributes to improving the fatigue life of bearings and other components. The second is an ester type base oil with high polarity. It was found that the amount of ester base oil used has a major influence on fatigue life. The adsorption of esters onto metal surfaces is thought to improve lubricity in severe lubrication conditions. Durability tests were performed in a wide range of conditions, using gear and bearing components and actual transmission units, and it was confirmed that RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid outperforms low viscosity ATFs, despite its ultra-low viscosity. Furthermore, RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid reduces loss torque in the transmission by approximately 12% compared to other low viscosity ATFs.

Here is a selection of vehicles which RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid is suitable for:

BrandTypeTransmission-Code BrandTypeTransmission -Code
BMW1er-SerieGA8G45AW Peugeot2008ATN8
BMW2er-Serie Active TourerGA8G45AW Peugeot208ATN8
BMW2er-Serie Gran TourerGA8G45AW Peugeot3008ATN8
BMWX1GA8G45XAW (Aisin) Peugeot3008eATN8
BMWX1GA8G45AW Peugeot3008AMN8
BMWX2GA8G45AW Peugeot308ATN8
BMWX2GA8G45XAW (Aisin) Peugeot308AMN8
CitroënBerlingoATN8 Peugeot5008AMN8
CitroënBerlingo VanATN8 Peugeot5008ATN8
CitroënC4 Space TourerATN8 Peugeot508eATN8
CitroënC4 Space TourerAMN8 Peugeot508AMN8
CitroënC5 AircrossATN8 Peugeot508ATN8
CitroënC5 AircrossAMN8 PeugeotExpertAMN8
CitroënC5 AircrosseATN8 PeugeotPartnerATN8
CitroënGrand C4 Space TourerAMN8 PeugeotRifterATN8
CitroënGrand C4 Space TourerATN8 PeugeotTravellerAMN8
CitroënSpacetourerAMN8 ToyotaPro-AceAMN8
DSDS3 CrossbackATN8 ToyotaPro-Ace VersoAMN8
DSDS7 CrossbackeATN8 VauxhallCombo E LifeATN8
DSDS7 CrossbackATN8 VauxhallVivaro LifeAMN8
DSDS7 CrossbackAMN8 VolkswagenGolf SportWagen, Alltrack09S
MINIMINIGA8G45AW VolkswagenGolf VII09S
MINIMINI CabrioGA8G45AW VolkswagenJetta, GLI09S
MINIMINI CountrymanGA8G45AW VolvoXC60AWF8G55
OpelCombo EATN8 VolvoXC60AWF8G45
OpelCombo E Life / TourATN8 VolvoXC90AWF8G55
OpelCorsa FATN8 VolvoXC90AWF8G45
OpelGrandland XATN8    
OpelGrandland XeATN8    
OpelVivaro CAMN8    
OpelZafira LifeAMN8    

Key features of RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid at a glance:

  • Very good lubricity also at low temperatures in winter
  • High, stable viscosity index
  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Excellent wear, corrosion and foaming protection
  • Excellent friction constant
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Excellent cooling capacity

You can find other suitable vehicles for RAVENOL ATF T-ULV Fluid and many other RAVENOL products in our oil finder at www.ravenol.de/oel-finder.html. You’re guaranteed to find the right oil for your vehicle here.

For further information and specifications, please contact our sales team or refer to our website for information at: www.ravenol.de

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